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Oceans Ending



HBook 1 in the oceans Ending serieseading 4

Book cover of Oceans Ending

A young woman takes a walk along the beach and makes a grisly discovery. Then people in her small hometown are disappearing without a trace.


She begins hearing voices and having disturbing nightmares. Her grasp on sanity slips as she finds it more and more difficult to separate reality from delusion.


Then, as an ancient predator gains frightening new powers and threatens to destroy humanity, she is hit with a stunning revelation concerning her own origins. Unsure who to trust or where to turn, she must find the answer before it's too late.


Her quest will take her far from home as she is betrayed by those closest to her and aided by unexpected friends. Ultimately she will face the enemy, but will she be willing to sacrifice all she holds dear in order to save the human race from extinction?

Quest of the Crystal Steeds cover

This beautifully told and lavishly illustrated story of friendship, love and forgiveness is the perfect gift for children of all ages.

Darker Demons cover

Darker Demons is a mystery; a romance; a fantasy, with a bit of sci-fi for good measure. It is mainly set in New Orleans.

The story revolves around Alexandra, a witch, and Jake, a demon. Who is Alexandra and why are so many searching for her? What answers does she hold to ancient mysteries and the future of the earth? Why is she so blinded by her love for Jake she can't see what is happening around her?


To reveal more of the story would ruin the mystery. You must read it and discover the answers for yourself.




Much like the heroines in my novels, my own origins are shrouded in mystery. Adopted at an early age, I have no memories of my first 18 months of life. The aged, black and white photos I was given in later years show a smiling child in unfamiliar surroundings. Random arms and legs jut into the picture at strange angles.

Growing up, I created fantasies about my heritage. I was an alien abandoned on this strange planet at birth. I was a gypsy princess stolen from her family; the daughter of a famous scientist...and on, and on.

The truth turned out to be much more mundane. But the tales I told myself have become the basis for most of my writing.

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