Looking for Inspiration? Get Moving

I believe humans are nomadic by nature. There is some debate on this topic but, there is no debating the fact we were nomads for around 99% of our time on the planet.

We are not designed to spend endless hours sitting in front of a screen. Nor are we designed to spend our entire lives in one place,

never traveling more than 50 miles from our home base. We need to experience diversity. Without diversity systems collapse.

We need to see places entirely different from the ones in which we grew up. We need to reach out to people of different ages, races, cultures and engage them in conversations. Not arguments but dialogues. We need to open our minds to possibilities and adventures we would never encounter if we didn't get up and get out the door.

If you are a writer looking for inspiration, go outside your comfort zone. There is no substitute for authentic interactions. They will color everything you create, enriching your words with understanding. It is possible to write a good book without ever leaving home, but it is highly unlikely you will ever write a great one.

You may not ever pen a book or story about specific episodes, but, all of those memories are what will add color and depth to your writing. If you are not an interesting, well-rounded person, your book probably won't be interesting either.

In short, before you try and create a memorable tale, create a memorable life.

Photo by Beth McCue: Morcote, Switzerland 1978

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