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The Art of Writing in the Age of the Internet

Several weeks ago, I began work on my second novel. I broke out of the gate quickly and rounded the first turn well ahead of the field of doubts.

Then, it happened. I began to question every element of my story. Was the premise too far-fetched? Were the characters fully formed? Was the hero likable and the villain detestable? You get the picture.

Instead of confronting these issues head on, I do what many of us do when faced with a blank computer screen: I click on the Facebook tab.

After spending at least 45 minutes viewing the latest cute cat videos and reading the ads on how I never have to use makeup again, I click on one of the worst time-killers of all; Candy Crush Saga.

There was a time not so very long ago when writers had to be much more imaginative, and maybe even get up from their chairs and leave their offices in order to goof off. The computer era has made it much too convenient.

I'll just play until I get to the next level, I think. Or, I'll just keep reading these posts until I come across a really interesting one. The next time I look at the clock I discover I have managed to waste the better part of the morning and I am disgusted with myself.

So I decide to have some lunch and start fresh right after I finish. Can you guess what happens after lunch?

I am thinking about buying an old, classic typewriter and moving my laptop to another room. I have many writer fiends who swear by their typewriters; some who even write their novels by hand. I don't see any reason why I can't do the same. I'll just check Amazon and see what they have. It will only take a minute...

By the way, the photo is of my daughter's backyard. It has nothing to do with this post, but it's pretty isn't it?

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